First, alot of blood sweat and tears on
the part of the rescuer's, who are all
volunteer's. Having minimal
resources (i.e., money, volunteers,
foster homes, permanent homes)
brings us daily heartache for those
dogs we cannot save. Please
consider that
a pet is for life when
comtemplating to add a furry friend to
your family.
Most of the dogs we receive come from
shelters, some from owners
surrendering their pet. We evaluate the
temperament of our dogs prior to
acceptance into WGLAR. We have a rule
of thumb that no dog over the age of one
year old can be placed in a family with
children UNDER the age of twelve years
old. This is a case by case
If you have done your research on the
breed of dog right for you, and are
serious about an Akita, we're here to help
you. To adopt from us, we require the
completion of an application and if
approved, a visit to your home. We try to
match the right Akita to your family and
home environment, thus increasing the
chance of a "good match" for the life of
the dog. If the application is approved,
we'll contact you and set up an
appointment for your entire family to
meet the dog agreed upon. The entire
process takes about one week.
Upon adoption, we request a donation
of $200.00 (tax deductible). We allow a
four week adjustment period for your
family and newly adopted dog. If
during the four weeks you determine
it's not a good match, you return the
dog and receive a full refund. After
four weeks, there is no refund,
however during the life time of the dog,
it MUST be returned to WLGAR if you
can no longer keep it.
We are always
here for assistance to ensure a smooth
acclimation in the adoption process.
We will also request a monthly check in
call for the first year of adoption.
Another requirement is that you must
take the dog to formal obedience
training within 6 months of adoption,
you cannot send the dog somewhere to
be trained for you. This helps the
bonding process between you and your
And finally, some advantages to
adopting an older dog (over 2 yrs old).

1. You know what you're getting as far
as size
2. You know what the temperament is
like, no surprises
3. Many of the dogs are already trained
on basic commands (i.e., sit, down,
4. Rescue dogs bond very well and
very quickly to their new family
5. All dogs are up to date on
vaccinations, spayed or neutered and
heart worm checked.
Give us a call
Caroline- 414-546-4259
Renee- 262-544-5086 or
Fred - 262-251-2542
Remember that calls outside of
WI will be collect

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