TIA, (nicknames: Missy Tia or Tia Maria)
Color: Dark fawn undercoat/black overcoat, black
Sex: Spayed Female, Approx. 5 yrs old
Height: 24" Weight: 65 pounds
History: Unknown, rescued from a shelter (stray)
Health: Excellent, up to date on shots, Heartworm
neg., rabies.
Good Points: Very intelligent, knows many commands: sit,
down, stay, wait, come, out, in, heel, leave it. Likes to play.
Settles down quickly. Rarely barks. Crate trained. Non-food
aggressive. Loves to give kisses on your chin and paw at
you. Loves a gentle hug.
Bad Points: Timid with strangers. Excited when first let out
of her crate. Jumps up to give kisses. Tries to steal food
from your hand if you don't watch, but if you say No, she
stops immediately. Whines if she knows you're awake or if
the other dogs are out and she's not. Miss Tia is best suited
to someone who has experience in large breed dogs and
patient. She is very sweet when she knows you and is very
eager to please. VERY food motivated, but not food
For adoption info,
email Caroline at:
or call 414-546-4259.
Returned calls
outside of WI will be

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