* How long have you been in Akita's?
* How many litters have you bred?
* How many litters have you welped?
* Do you show dogs in conformation, obedience, agility, etc?
* How many dogs have you titled in each area?
* Do you participate in HEALTH SCREENING?
* What health tests do you perform prior to breeding?
* Do you provide up-to-date health records on parents? (OFA,Eye
Cert. Thyroid)
* Are you willing to disclose blood line problems?
* Can you provide at least 5-generation pedigree on pups and
explain breeding program?
* Can you provide contracts with guarantee/warrantee for pups
with regard to show quality versus pets?
* Are pets sold on spay/neuter conditions?
* Will you take a pup or grown dog back - for any reason?
* Are you afiliated with a local or national rescue group?
* Are you a member of the Akita Club of America, or any other
local breed/obedience clubs?
* Do all of your dogs have permanent ID (microchips or tattoo?)
* What is the earliest (pup age) you will sell/release a puppy?
* What type of vaccines have they had and at what age? Did you
observe any reaction?
If so, explain
* Do you own both parents and are they on your premises to be
* How old are the parents of the litter and how many times have
each been breed?
* How do you socialize your puppies?
* How important is temperament to your breeding program?
* Have you ever had to put down a dog you bred for
temperament? Why?
* What did you do to correct it in your lines?
* Have you ever had a dog returned? Why?
* Does either parent have a "high" prey drive?
* Are there any excessive barkers?
* Have you produced a pup with any health problems? What was
* What did you do about it?
* Do you keep track of all of the puppies you produce?
* Will you use your dog to explain the breed standard?


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