I wasn't a pup when I came to your home,
Don't remember the people except the pain.
They left me to die in the cold and the rain.
You were driving down the highway, it was late at
When you saw the faintest glimmer of light
You took a chance and turned around
Got out of the van and knelt to the ground
My quivering body felt the gentlest of hands
I knew I need not make any demands
In your heart, and your home, there was always room
For those who would face certain doom.
You healed my body and you healed my heart
You gave me what I needed, a fresh start
When I cried at night, you were always there
With soft words, a kiss, a hug to share
When I misbehaved and would cower with guilt
You only showed love...up to the hilt
You loved and cared for me in sickness and health
Our love for each other was more precious than
Even when you were tired and had a bad day
You'd always come home to me and say,
Then you'd give me a kiss, a hug and a pat
We'd have a nice dinner then go out and play
There was so much love I wanted to stay
But my eyes, they faded and my heart grew weak
As my time grew closer you could not speak
You held me tight, tears flowed from your eyes
We both had to say our sad good byes
The release from pain we knew must end
No more time on this Earth would we spend
Running in the fields, playing ball
Sitting quietly together at the end of it all
But our time together is not through
Because I'll be there waiting for you
At the edge of the Rainbow Bridge I'll stand
Until I once again see those gentle hands
I'll run to you with tail held high
We will never again have to say goodbye
My love at death, it does not end
Because you are, indeed, dogs best friend

A dog sits waiting in the
cold autumn sun,
Too faithful to leave, to
frightened to run.
He's been here for days
now with nothing to do,
But sit by the road
waiting for you.
He can't understand why
you left him that day,
He thought you were
stopping to play.
He's sure you'll come
back and that's why he
How long long will he
suffer? How many more
His legs have grown
weak, his throat's
parched and dry.
He's sick now from
hunger and falls with a
He lays down his head
and closes his eyes.
I wish you could see how
a waiting dog dies.
Another Poem
worth reading.

Author: Jeane Illsche
June 21, 1998

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