Date listed on web site: 11-28-99
The following Akita dogs have been missing from Grand
Rapids Michigan since January 1999. While it may seem
fruitless to continue the search, we have faith and will
continue to search until we have resolution. If you have ever
loved an animal with all of your heart, you understand the grief
this person is suffering. They could be any state, not just MI.
If you believe you have seen one or both of these Akita's,
PLEASE contact me at 414-546-4259.

This is IMZADI who is a 6 yr
old female. She is fawn and
white with a black mask,
white strip to her nose and
full white collar. She is 24"
tall and 80-85 pounds and
epileptic. She is a certified
Service Demonstration Dog
for Paws With A Cause.

This is EBI who is a 9 yr old female. She is black
and white, fawn and silver undercoat, with a black
mask and graying around her eyes and muzzle,
white belly and legs and chest. She's 23" tall and
about 70-75 pounds. EBI was a working/certified
therapy dog.
It is with sincere gratitude that WGLAR accepts the
generous donations made on behalf of Ebi and
Imzadi from the following people.
W.B. Hecker
N. Santander/Rivera
Doug Santander
Jennifer Hecker
Marie Santander-Wolfson
Paws with a Cause
Valer Nichols

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