There are many ways to help Akita Rescue,
and other breed rescue groups of your
choice. Here are some idea's.

Foster a dog
Help walk fostered dogs
Learn to perform temperament evaluations
Donate MONEY
Donate stamps
Donate address labels
Donate printer paper
Donate food
Donate a gift certificate for a pet catalog or pet
Perform follow-up calls on adopted dogs
Have a fund raiser (e.g., bake sale) and donate the
proceeds to rescue
Setup a fund raiser at a pet store
Donate a leather leash
Donate some dog treats
Donate baby gates
Donate a gift certificate to a pet store
Donate long distance calling cards!
Donate a raffle item or item for a rummage sale
Have a rummage sale & donate proceeds to
Donate blankets
Donate boarding fee's for one week
Donate a crate to rescue
Lend your artistic talents to rescue
Pay the cost of obedience classes for rescued

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