Akita's do NOT tolerate heat well, in fact, all dogs are
susceptible to heat stroke. Heat stroke is a VERY
problem and can lead to coma, brain damage or

Symptoms are:
Rapid, frantic, noisy breathing
heavy panting, mouth open, gasping for air
distressed, frequent vomitting, often unable to stand or
swaying, movement uncontrolled
dog seems agitated, gums are deep red
Heat stroke can be associated with swelling of the throat
and a cortisone injection by your vet may be required.

First Aid:
Cool the dog IMMEDIATELY by wetting down with cool
water and give a cool water drink (not too much though).
For extreme cases where dog is unsteady on its feet,
immerse in a tub of cool water, it that's not possible, give a
cold water enema as a more rapid temperature drop is
IMPERATIVE to your dogs survival.

Do NOT leave in a car/vehicle
Do not confine in concrete runs
Do not chain outside without shade AND water
Being a short-nosed breed (Bulldog, Pug)
Suffering from air way disease/impaired breathing condition
Being muzzled while grooming and put under a dryer
Restrict exercise (i.e., potty breaks, walks during mid-day)

When temperature reaches 80+, it's time to be careful. An
ounce of prevention goes a long way!!
Take care of the ones you love, they depend on YOU.