Fostering is much like owning your
own dog. It allows us to save more
dogs which might otherwise be
euthanized, because we have
somewhere to house the dog(s). We
ask that you treat the dog kindly, have
patience and understanding of the dogs
history. Most dogs require some basic
obedience training, e.g., sit, down, stay
and come which can be done in your
home. Some need to be housebroken
and crate trained. WGLAR pays for all
veterinary care, and the foster home
pay for food, treats, toys, crates and
leashes. WGLAR is always available to
help foster homes in training and
behavioral issues. The most difficult
part of fostering is letting the dog go to
its new home. A foster home must be
careful not to bond too closely to the
dog, save that privilege for the new
owner(s). There is no greater
satfisfaction or warmer feeling than
watching a dog bloom into a wonderful
pet because YOU took the time and
effort to help save its life. Rescue dogs
are very grateful when taken in from a
bad situation and placed into a warm,
loving environment. I hope you will
consider this option to enrich your own
life and that of a rescued dog.

Contact Caroline if you
are interested in
fostering a rescued
Akita. 414-546-4259


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